Fees and Benefits

  • Registration: No registration fee.
  • Service fee: Independently of method of payment the fee is $7.50 per week, paid monthly ($30/month – 4 weeks). Note that there are month’s in the year that may contain 5 weeks. First month’s fee is pro-rated based on the day of your first pickup. Service can be cancelled at anytime.
  • Referral: Save $1 for each referral that joins the service, as long as they remain in the program. Remind your referrals to include your name when they register.
  • Savings: Spend less on trash bags!
  • Compost Exchange: If needed, receive a portion of finished compost every 6 months that will vary up to 20 lbs depending on the amount we produce.  This will occur once in the spring and once in the fall on a day that will be communicated in advance via email. If you do not need the compost, you can donate it to New Haven Farms.