Terms & Conditions

Service Contract for Subscribers 
Terms and Conditions

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Thank you for your interest in Peels & Wheels Composting! We strive to provide our composters participants with the best possible service and are committed to subscriber satisfaction.  

These Terms and Conditions formalize the arrangement between Peels and Wheels Composting LLC and you, the Subscriber after you register for the program at: https://peelsandwheelscompost.wordpress.com/registration/

Please read the following carefully before agreeing with the terms. Let us know if you have any questions.

Peels and Wheels Composting LLC responsibilities

  1. We will schedule an Initial Bin Drop Day after you register for the program.
  1. On Initial Bin Drop Day we will deliver a clean, unlined, 2.4 or 5 gallon compost bin with lid (depending on household size and output), carbon filter and information, to your registered address.
  1. Collection will begin one week after your Initial Bin Drop. You’ll find these dates in your Welcome Email after you register. Your first month’s fee will be pro-rated based on the day of the initial collection.
  1. Once a week, on Collection Day, place the bin at the agreed-upon location before 9am. We will remove the contents of your compost bin between 9am – 1pm, leaving the bin with you.
  1. Our compost program will operate all year round.
  1. During extreme weather conditions, unsafe road conditions, holidays, or other considerations, Peels and Wheels Composting LLC reserves the right to suspend collection. Notice will be sent 24 hours prior to Collection Day to all affected residents and weekly subscription money will not be charged or will be credited.
  1. Peels and Wheels Composting LLC will not provide “make-up” collection following cancellation. Your service will resume on collection day of the following week.
  1. If you specifically request it, Peels and Wheels Composting LLC. will provide you with finished compost two times a year which varies up to 20 lbs depending on how much we produce. This will occur once in the spring and once in the fall on a day that will be communicated in advance via email. You may pick up your compost at New Haven Farms’ Phoenix Press Farm, #15 James Street, New Haven, CT 06513

Composter (Subscriber) Responsibility 

  1. Place the bin at the designated collection location on “Collection Day”, stated in your welcome email and information packet, before 9 am.
  1. All containers must be closed for health and safety reasons. Peels and Wheels Composting LLC. will not collect compostable material exceeding the size of the bin provided.
  1. Only place compostable materials in the provided bin– all organic matter
  • Fibers (shredded paper, egg cartons, peanut shells, napkins)
  • Fruits (table scraps, peels and cores)
  • Vegetables (preparation and table scraps, peels and veggies past their prime)
  • Starches (pancakes, pasta, rice, pizza, cereal, crackers, stale bread
  • Others (coffee grounds and filters, eggshells, teabags (no staples), nuts, spices, napkins, paper towels, small yard clippings, flowers.
  1. The following items are NOT compostable and should not be placed in the bin: meat, bones, cheese, yogurt, plastic, rubber, styrofoam cups, packaging or anything else that doesn’t biodegrade well. For further information please go to our website or ask us if you are unsure.
  1. Please maintain your bin, including regular cleanings


  1. The payment for service is required. Fees are outlined below and at Payment Options
  1. You will receive an email invoice at the beginning of the month through PayPal. The invoice will have a link to pay through PayPal where you can use your preferred form of payment (Credit card, Debit Card, PayPal account).
  1. You may also pay us through your bank’s online bill pay service (eCheck) or regular checks.
  1. Regular checks should be sent to Peels and Wheels Composting LLC 496 Whitney Ave Apt 3C New Haven CT 06511. Note that regular checks take more time to process
  1. You will have up to 10 days for us to receive the payment before we send a reminder.
  1. You, the subscriber, pay $7.50 for one pickup and compost processing, once a week paid on a monthly basis ($30/month). This includes sales taxes.
  1. Subscriber may pay for multiple months (Quarterly, by Semester or Yearly) in one payment by indicating this at the time of payment.
  1. Peels and Wheels Composting LLC will send you receipt for each payment. Upon request, at the end of the calendar year you may receive a summary of your payments for your records.
  1. If you do not make your monthly payment for the composting program within the service month, Peels and Wheels Composting LLC may terminate this agreement by giving a written notice.
  1. If Peels and Wheels Composting LLC. is unable to process your payment due to insufficient funds, service will stop with the next week’s collection until the payments you owe are made.

Moving, Suspension or Termination of Service

  1. Subscribers moving to another property can take the containers with them if moving within the service area, unless other arrangements are made in writing with Peels and Wheels Composting LLC. We ask subscribers give 7 days notice for service to be transferred to new address.
  1. Please give Peels and Wheels Composting LLC. 7 days notice for termination of service or temporarily suspension of service. When you end your subscription, any prepaid pickups will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.
  1. Either you or Peels and Wheels Composting LLC may end this agreement at any time and for any reason with 14 days written notice.
  1. Any matters relating to the cancellation or suspension of service must be made via email to dmedina@composting.com or by calling 203-444-8955.
  1. If there is any dispute over quality or timing of services, or any other compost pickup-related issue that can’t be resolved between Peels and Wheels Composting LLC, Connecticut law will govern.

Confidentiality and Warranty

Peels and Wheels Composting LLC, and its employees, agents, or representatives will keep all subscriber information confidential. Further, Peels and Wheels Composting LLC will provide the services listed in this agreement and meet its obligations using the same or better standards of care used by other service providers in the area.

Limitation of Liability

Peels and Wheels Composting LLC is not responsible for what happens with its bins once you have them, so please be careful with them. Peels and Wheels Composting LLC is not responsible for the contents and use of the compost you receive. Though we are careful in our composting practices (including removing non-compostable materials, and sifting the final product), it’s up to you to make sure that you use the compost appropriately.

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